UIC Proprietary Features

Ambidextrous lower receiver

The attractive, billet 7075-T6 lower receiver is outfitted with an ambidextrous magazine release, bolt catch and release, and selector switch.  The magazine well features reinforcing ribs that make the magazine well 40% stronger than mil-spec forged at 

only ½ an ounce of weight change.  The trigger guard is ready for winter gloves without manipulation. Radii and chamfers throughout make this billet lower a marvel that stretches the capabilities of modern production CNC manufacturing. A 20 degree competition style mag well is concealed in the design, allowing lightning fast magazine changes. A right side bolt catch and release lever is standard for every UIC lower, a feature not found on many comparable industry offerings. An integral adjuster allows the end user to compensate for tolerance between your upper receivers and your favorite lower. The selector pictogram is compatible with 50-90
degree selectors.


Modular Ambidextrous Selector switches 

The ADM configurable selector switches come standard on ADM carbines in a long tall left paddle and an abbreviated short right paddle with a 60 degree hub. The kits are available with short selector switches as well.



Bolt Carrier Group

Materials: 9310 (bolt), 8620, (carrier), 4340 (key, cam pin, extractor) ADM’s bolt carrier was critically accessed at the component level. Every component was processed in accordance with the latest TDP including assembly, staking, all heat treats and shot peening to specification.  Every component is given a finish pass for optimal surface finish, and grinding is actually done post heat treat. Half a dozen Melonite QPQ processing facilities were evaluated before selecting the finest corrosion resistant lubricous finish available.   The BCG is so glassy smooth it requires no break in period. Consulting with a group of armed professionals with over 30 combined years of field use of M16 family rifles, the T&E testers unanimously agreed that the ADM BCG was the finest they had seen.


ADM HD Buffer

The standard carbine buffer is inferior by design with far from optimal reciprocal and non reciprocal mass and an abbreviated platter of weights that operate as one sliding mass without room or plurality necessary to force them to be staggered. The ADM reliability enhancing buffer provides non-reciprocal weight matching the rifle length buffer, coupled with a platter of weights that impact in a staggered sequence to eliminate bolt bounce and provide smooth performance without resorting to springs or hydraulic systems which can wear and fail.



Trigger group

The ADM mid and top grade UIC carbines come with the outstanding ADM adjustable two stage match trigger. The ADM two stage trigger is adjustable for pull weight from 3.5 to 4.5lbs, and for pre-travel, and over travel. Made from S-7 Tool steel, the ADM two stage match trigger is heat-treated, EDM cut, polished, and coated with Diamond-like Carbon- a coating with a 80-90RC hardness and a very low coefficient of friction of .1-.2.  Combat durable, competition worthy, the ADM adjustable two stage trigger group puts ADM rifles in a class all
their own.



Muzzle device

A Griffin Armament Flash Comp provides suppressor compatibility, as well as unparalleled muzzle stability and recoil control with night vision compatible flash reduction similar to A2’s on 14.5” and longer barrels. The Griffin flash comp received the NTOA’s coveted perfect “Gold” evaluation from multiple tactical officers, and is LAPD approved for patrol rifles.



Adjustable Gas Block (Mod 3 only)

Machined from billet 17-4 Precipitation Hardened stainless steel, the gas block of the adjustable gas carbine features two suppressed settings and one unsuppressed setting so end users can optimize function with whatever suppressor models they choose to use with the flick of a switch. The block is adjustable with the tip of a bullet through the side of the accessory forend.